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RICO Charges on YSL Records Boss Young Thug's Label
Young Thug, Gunna, and Yak Gotti are all in BIG trouble with the law. The feds have indicted them on RICO charges.
420: The Hotbox Playlist
My Favorite Weed Smoking Songs. 420 Everyday is the time of day to get high, We compiled the best songs to smoke weed to and the best songs about smoking weed and getting high. Let's celebrate 420 Everyday all day and twice on Sunday!
Lil Bro BiG DEAL Releases "Plate to Go" 04-01-2022 Produced by Snack Money Beats
The release of Lil Bro BiG DEAL's new single, "Plate to Go", is a major event in the world of hip hop. The song features West Texas rapper Lil Bro (Big DEAL) and is produced by up and coming in house Hit Making producer, Snack Money Beatz. Lil Bro is A BiG DEAL and shows just that with "Plate to Go" 04-01-2022 Produced by Snack Money Beats.
We Got It
We Got It by written and performed by Lil Bro and appears on the Legacy compilation released on ACJ Entertainment.
Wanna Monetize Youtube
You would think to monetize Youtube, Youtube has to approve monetization, right? Well that's no longer true, read more to find out how to get paid from Youtube!
Hard on Foes
Hard on Foes New Music Video by West Texas Native Rico Rich and Down South Legend South Park Mexican.
What Is Meta Data and Why Is It So Important?
You Must Do This Before You Upload Your Music for distribution.
All 806 Playlist
All 806 Playlist
Copy of We Got It
We Got It by written and performed by Lil Bro and appears on the Legacy compilation released on ACJ Entertainment.
For Free
Listen to "For Free" by A Tony and Notice. Off the Legacy compilation, presented by ACJ Entertainment.
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Bonafide by Lil Bro on Amazon Music
Audius is a decentralized, blockchain-powered music streaming service. Audius has its own crypto coin, the AUDIO token.
The Goldrush of Our Times | Coinbase | Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | Blockchain | Shiba
Join the goldrush of our day and age, Get SHIBA here.
Uploading My Music Just Got Easier
Streamilne distribution for true underground artists now possible with Audiomack aligning forces with distribution company Amuse. Seamlessly upload directly to Audiomack through the Amuse app, also connect artist profiles to match metadata.
Lil Bro + Tryp - After Party
Lil Bro + Tryp - After Party, radio edit. Produced & mixed by Tryp. After Party (radio version) is the re-release of 2020 single. Join the JuuG GanG at the After Party, listen for an eargasm. Join Nown to download After Party FREE!
Money Counter | Lil Bro Big DEAL
Released September 11, 2020 Lil Bro's infectious hip-hop single "Money Counter" was produced by JacksonOnDaBeat and recorded mixed and mastered by Chris Bone Garza @ CBG Records. Simple but sing songy, Lil Bro's flow manages to catch ears easily over flawless production as he bolsters " I just throw that money on the counter".
Lil Bro - Blake Griffin (HD Music Video
Lil Bro - Blake Griffin (HD Music Video - Starting the visual with the Hip Hop Street banger "Blake Griffin" produced by Tryp. Before Lil Bro spits, it's raining cats and dogs as Lil Bro proudly states, "fiends beating at the back door". Award Winning filmmaker Adam Paul Stone really catches the whole essence of every rap snippet with this trilogy. Streets Must Watch and so should the ladies.
JuuG Gang Mic Check (Freestyle)
New Freestyle From The JuuG_Gang on a certified slappin' Snack_Money_Beatz banger. Listen on Audimack.com Now!
Money Counter on Songtradr
Money Counter on Songtradr.com
The Snake Pit Episode 94
The SnakePit With Rattlesnake Roy. Episode #94 featuring Lil Bro.
Controlling Me
Controlling Me is a song from Lil Bro's Bonafide album released Christmas 2020. Controlling Me features appearances by Baby J, T - Peezy the Prince and Chris Bone Garza who produced the track with the talented JacksonOnDaBeat, JacksonOnDaBeat is known from Lil Bro's hit, Money Counter.
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JuuG or Bust on Google Play
JuuG or Bust play Lil Bro's Lubbock's own who releases new Hip-Hop monthly, also has his second android game on Google Play. JuuG or Bust is a game titled from Lil Bro's breakout rap song "Money Counter" quote Run away from enemies and collect the Coins! JuuG Or Bust! Including characters Jaleesa, Tryp and Snack Money all from the JuuG_GanG.
Do The Dash Available Now on Google Play.
Now You Can JuuG w/ Us. Run away from enemy vehicles and avoid the hurdles! Lil Bro's banging single Do The Dash, Now Available On Google Play Store. #juuglife
Luv 4 My City
Luv 4 My City is an ode to Lil Bro and the JuuG Gang's Hometown and also birthplace and hoemtown of BuddyHolly and Stubbs BBQ Lubbock, Texas. This Hip Hop banger is produced by Tryp Da Ghost and Snack_Money.
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